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Graduation Requirements

RCPS End of the Year Guide 2019-2020

For the RCPS End of the Year Guide 2019-2020 with grading requirements, graduation information and more, please visit

Class of 2020 Graduation/Commencement Ceremonies:

RCPS high school Class of 2020 commencement ceremony dates and times are pending COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

For more information about your school's commencement ceremony and graduation, please contact your high school.

For the latest updates and the RCPS End of the Year Guide, please visit

Policies and Requirements

•  Graduation Requirements - Students Who Entered 9th Grade for the First Time in Fall 2013-2014.
•  Testing Out of a Class Checklist
•  Testing Out of a Class Permission Form

Helpful Information

•  Testing Dates and Grade Reporting Dates

•  Grading

•  Rockdale Virtual Campus - Online Courses

•  Open Campus - a RCPS campus focusing on high school credit recovery and graduation

•  Credit Recovery:  Each RCPS high school has credit recovery programs. Contact your school to find out more about credit recovery.

•  Local Scholarships

•  Map Your Future - Academic Rigor Map for Grades 6-12 (PDF) (Accessible RTF)

•  Map Your Future CTAE - Academic Rigor Map for CTAE Students (PDF)

Talk to your school counselor for more information about graduation requirements.