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Rockdale County Public Schools is finishing the third phase of the One-to-One device program rollout, which aims to provide every student in grades 3-12 with a laptop computer or tablet device for classroom learning and assignments. The one-to-one device program is a key component of RCPS’s Learning Reimagined initiative, which strives to transform teaching and learning throughout the district. Providing our students with access to digital devices empowers students to become thoughtful producers and evaluators of information. The devices will allow them to find, evaluate, and thoughtfully use information, to work with others to create collaborative products of learning, and to engage in authentic, real-world tasks. Most importantly, the students will develop the skills they need to become engaged, digitally responsible citizens ready to compete in today’s technology infused society.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, go to the bottom of this page or click here for a PDF of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Learning Reimagined?

In order to prepare students for a world beyond the four walls of the classroom, RCPS has launched Learning Reimagined, a district-wide initiative aimed at transforming teaching and learning. This comprehensive initiative incorporates technology (which includes one-to-one device distribution) and personalization (customized learning experiences to meet the individual needs of students). To find out more about the Learning Reimagined initiative, visit


What does one-to-one mean?

This means all students will be given the opportunity to enhance their learning through access to a technology device within the guidelines of the policies, regulations, and procedures set forth by the school system.


Why is RCPS implementing one-to-one at my school?

RCPS believes that preparing students to succeed in the 21st century and to compete in a global community requires digitally literate students with strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills who are connected with the world around them. RCPS’s Learning Reimagined initiative allows students to develop skills in the classroom and, in some cases, practice those skills in the home.

What is the timeline for one-to-one device distribution?

After consulting with other school districts who have implemented successful one-to-one initiatives, RCPS has elected to distribute devices in stages as outlined below:

  • •  2014-15 school year: iPads distributed to Pre-K through 2nd grade classrooms and Windows devices distributed in selected specialty programs.
  • •  2015–2016 school year: Laptops distributed to all eligible high school students.
  • •  2016-17 school year: Laptops distributed to all eligible students in grades 3-8.

(See image of timeline map at bottom of page).

Does Learning Reimagined eliminate the need to bring textbooks home?

Students will continue to have access to textbooks for classes. However, the use of the traditional textbook may be gradually phased out as most textbooks will be available digitally to students on their device.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Student Responsibility

Who is responsible for loss, theft, or damage of the device?

As with any other instructional material, the student is responsible for his or her device. Teachers will work with students to educate them on responsible use and safekeeping of their device. Additionally, each device is equipped with Absolute®, so stolen devices can be disabled and recovered if connected to the internet. Students are required to report a lost or stolen device immediately to their teacher or designated school administrator. Damaged devices will be evaluated by the school to determine whether or not they can be repaired.


What is the consequence for a student improperly using the device/school network?

Improper use of technology will result in consequences such as disciplinary action as outlined in the RCPS student code of conduct, and/or limited use of their device.  Please refer to the district’s Student Code of Conduct and your school student handbook.


Are there fees associated with the program?  

This school year, each student will be assessed a Technology Fee. This fee will be used to enhance instructional technology resources for students.  All electronic devices that Rockdale County Public Schools issues to students are covered by the district in the event that they are damaged due to accident, whether on campus or off campus. All devices are also covered by theft insurance. This protects devices only in the event of theft... not if they are lost.  Please see the student handbook for more details on theft of student devices.

Liability and financial responsibilities are defined in the Laptop/Table Checkout Procedures document that is signed when devices are distributed. If the device is damaged because of negligence, the student/guardian may be responsible for a damage fee or the full replacement cost of the device. There may be a designated location within your school with designated times to report damaged equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to Technology

How are students protected from inappropriate content?

Each device is pre-loaded with district-approved filtering software to meet CIPA regulations. Inappropriate websites will be blocked using filters installed on every device by the district. Students should follow the expectations outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and report any accidental inappropriate material to their teacher or administrator.  Knowing there is not perfect filtering software we count on parental supervision when the device is off school grounds to provide an additional layer of protection.


How long does the device battery last? What if a student’s device battery runs out during the day?

Students are advised to plug in their device every evening at home to ensure that it is fully charged each day. A fully charged battery should last through a school day under normal conditions and use.  When students are not using the device during the day, they will power down their device to conserve its battery life.  Classrooms are equipped with limited electrical outlets for recharging as needed throughout the school day. 


Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will students keep the laptops at home during the summer?

No. At the end of each school year, all devices are returned to the campus that issued it.

What if my student moves or transfers during the school year?

Each device is the property of RCPS. If a student moves or changes schools during the school year, the student will need to return the device to the campus that issued it. At the end of each school year, all devices are returned to the campus that issued it.



What if a student doesn’t have access to the Internet at home?

RCPS recognizes that students may not have access to the Internet away from school, so each RCPS campus is equipped with wireless Internet. If possible, learning resources and tools will be made available for use without the need for an active internet connection. Additionally, All Rockdale public libraries have Internet. RCPS is also developing partnerships with local organizations and businesses to increase the availability of free Internet services throughout the city.


If you do not have access to the Internet at your home, here are some resources that may be helpful in receiving internet access at a reduced price.


What if I don’t know anything about how computers work?

Instruction on the use of the technology tools provided by the school system will be integrated into each child’s individual classroom experience. In addition, RCPS may provide several learning opportunities for parents throughout the school year to help familiarize them with the technology resources made available through the Learning Reimagined initiative.


Does a student need to have a printer to print out assignments?

Printers are not necessary. Assignments will be shared with teachers and among students using a variety of online systems, including Office 365 and the district’s Learning Management System.


Can my child bring their own device?

Only RCPS devices are allowed at schools. Access to RCPS network resources will only be allowed through RCPS devices. Also, to ensure compatibility, and because many software applications and documents created by students will be saved on their device, the district encourages the primary use of the RCPS device at school and home. 


How will Learning Reimagined impact students with special needs?

Students with special needs will benefit immensely from having access to a device. Based on their unique learning needs, special education students’ devices may be equipped or modified to include adaptive software and programs. The Learning Support department is working to ensure that all students with special needs are appropriately accommodated.


Timeline Map of RCPS Technology Plan, as of January 2017:  Phase 1 Research and Planning July 2013 to November 2014. Phase 2 Infrastructure Pilots & Pre-K to 3rd Grade January 2014 to June 2018.  Phase 3 9th through 12th Grade Implementation July 2015 to June 2018.  Phase 4 3rd through 5th Grade Implementation July 2016 to June 2018.  Phase 5 Advancement, Assessment and Evaluation July 2014 to June 2018.  Pilot Schools Training May 2014. Pilot Students Tablets August 2014. High School Teacher Tablets and Elementary School Teacher iPads November 2014. Elementary School Student iPads December 2014. High School Students devices August 2015. Elementary and Middle School Teacher devices November 2015. Elementary and Middle School Student devices August 2016.