Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction supports schools and their instructional staffs with tailored instruction, curriculum, and professional learning as determined through a systematic approach to data analysis, observation and collaboration with school leaders.​

Andrea Pritchett​Andrea Pritchett
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Curriculum and Instruction Includes:
CTAE (Career, Technical, Agricultural Education), Early Learning, English Language Arts,  Fine Arts , Gifted, Grade ReportingHealth and PEHome SchoolingKindergarten, MathematicsModern LanguagesPre-KindergartenScienceSocial Studies

Kecia Mumford

Phone: 770-860-4224
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Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum Coordinators

Dr. Erika Tucker, English Language Arts and EIP.
Dr. Jacqueline Hennings, Mathematics.
Dr. Denise Richardson Science, Health/Physical Education.
Virnilisa Printup, Social Studies and Fine Arts.

Academic Coaches

Andrea McMahan, ELA Coach
Donna Malone, ELA Coach
Keitha Magby, ELA Coach
LaToya Byrd, Math Coach (Elementary)
Dr. Linelle Brunson, Math Coach (Elementary)
Nancy Kelly , Math Coach (Middle Schools)
Dr. Chariese Crawford, Math Coach (High School)
Marissa Murdock, Science Coach
Allison Randall, Science Coach
Dr. Lisa Hockaday, Social Studies Coach

Lead Registrar: Tambra Patton .