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Reviewing and Changing High School Courses

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Please contact your school's counselors for more information about reviewing and changing high school courses and class schedules. CLICK HERE for links to school staff directories.

PDF icon  CLICK HERE for How to Review 2023-24 Course Requests in Infinite Campus (Word)

Steps to View 2023-24 Course Requests in Infinite Campus

All change requests must be made before 3:30 PM on Monday, February 27, 2023.

1)    Login to Classlink or the Infinite Campus Parent Portal (CLICK HERE).
2)    Click on Infinite Campus – Student
3)    Scroll down all the way on the left side menu and click on “Academic Plan.”
4)    Then click on “Proceed.” You can leave the “Post Grad Location” and “Post Grad Plans” blank.
5)    Look in your upcoming grade level column. There, you will see your courses for A Semester (1st Semester) and B (2nd Semester) for next school year (2023-24).
•    You should see at least 8 classes (16 for A and B semesters together). If you do not have a total of 8 classes, please contact your counselor.

Criteria for Change Request Approval

We will only make changes based on the following reasons:

•    Student has not successfully completed a prerequisite course (the level prior; for instance, you are scheduled for Spanish II, but you have not successfully completed Spanish I).
•    Student is in a class he/she has already passed.
•    Student wishes to take a class at a different level of rigor (for instance, you are in a regular college-prep class, and you wish to take an Advanced Placement class or vice versa).
•    Student wishes to take a different elective. Please understand that elective changes are subject to course availability. Therefore, if space does not permit, we will not be able to make the change; however, we will do our best.

Elective Course Change Requests
For elective change requests visit your home schools link for the 2023-2024 Course Elective Change Request form:

•  HHS 2023-2024 Course Change Link

•  RCHS 2023-2024 Course Change Link

•  SHS 2023-2024 Course Change Link

•  RMSST 2023-2024 Course Change Link

All change requests (including email requests) must be made before 3:30 PM on Monday, February 27, 2023.

There will be no change requests accepted after February 27, 2023.