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For more information on Mentoring Services, contact Deborah Neason, District Student Relations Specialist, at [email protected] or call 770-761-1449.

Why Should I Mentor?

Research indicates that if a student has consistent, positive adult contact that improvement is noted in many areas of student development, including but not limited to, student achievement, self-esteem, motivation, and behavioral choices.

We hope to recruit as many volunteers to mentor from the community and district as possible. Mentoring is an opportunity of a lifetime as the efforts put forth now will contribute to the well-being of students as they develop into responsible adults.

Successful Mentor Qualities

Although mentors serve in many different capacities, there are basic qualities associated with a successful mentor: a sincere desire to be involved with a young person, respect for young people, flexibility, active listening, consistency, and empathy.

How Do I Become a Mentor?

Mentors can serve elementary, middle, or high school students. To become a mentor for a RCPS student, follow these steps:

1) Submit the Mentor Application to Deborah Neason, District Student Relations Specialist, 960 Pine Street NE, Conyers, Georgia 30012, or e-mail the form to [email protected].  You can reach Mrs. Neason at 770-761-1449 with any questions.

2) Once your form is received, you will be notified of how to obtain a background check. A background check is required of all mentors to ensure student safety. RCPS schools will cover this cost for you.

3) Complete a Mentor Profile form.

4) Once we've received your cleared background check, you will be assigned to a school based on your preferences.

5) The Mentoring Coordinator at the school will contact you and familiarize you with the procedures, provide an orientation, as well as introduce you to your mentee.

We recommend that you meet with your student for thirty (30) minutes each week. If business or other travel precludes your meeting these criteria at times, please advise your mentee in advance so that he or she will be aware of this. Consistency is an important factor when considering mentorship. Thank you in advance for helping RCPS students.

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