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cartoon image of students at desks and doctor next to KDOW bus/mobile unit, from Kids Doc on Wheels, says Comprehensive Healthcare Services Made Convenient for Children and Their Parents

Telehealth and Mobile Clinic Services

Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) and Kids'-Doc-On-Wheels (KDOW)

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RCPS partnered with the nonprofit Kids'-Doc-On-Wheels (KDOW) to provide mobile medical services and  school-based telehealth (at select schools currently) for RCPS students. These comprehensive pediatric services, which are available to all RCPS families on a voluntary basis, supplement existing school-based clinic services and can help reduce missed instructional time for students and missed work time for parents.

Enrollment in telehealth is voluntary and existing school clinic services will still be available to all students. However, voluntary enrollment will be required if families wish to access the telehealth services.
If you would like to enroll in services via the mobile clinic, telehealth, or both,

Kids Doc On Wheels Mobile Clinic  Inside the Mobile Clinic

>>CLICK HERE for information on free COVID-19 testing for RCPS students and employees.



What is school-based telehealth?
School-based telehealth services are essentially remote medical services conveniently provided to students utilizing remote technologies and do not require students to visit traditional brick-and-mortar medical facilities. Such services provided in school settings could minimize missed instructional time for students and work time for parents. Additionally, comprehensive telehealth services support the existing school-based clinic services by providing a wider range of health services, both remotely and via a designated mobile medical unit. Existing school clinic services will still be available for all students.

What happens when a parent enrolls?

KDOW Community Outreach Team members will call the family to assess needs, including insurance.

If a parent enrolls, does that mean he/she loses their primary care physician (PCP)?  
NO. However, KDOW can become the primary care physician if the student does not have one.

What are the services provided?
Services provided can include Telehealth, online assessments, referrals, wellness and sick visits, sports physicals, coordination with the existing pediatrician, prescriptions. School clinic personnel or KDOW members will facilitate outreach and provide more information on the full range of services available.

How do I enroll/sign up?
Click HERE 

What if I do not want to participate?
Enrollment is voluntary. Existing school clinic services will still be available for all students.

How do I get free COVID-19 testing for my student?
CLICK HERE for more information on free COVID-19 testing for RCPS students and RCPS employees.

For more information about how to sign up, please contact your child's school and ask to speak with the clinic personnel. If you need more information about the services that KDOW provides, please contact them directly at (404) 574-2512.

Article: "RCPS partners with Kids'-Doc-on-Wheels for school-based telehealth and mobile medical services"