Infinite Campus- Parent Portal Login

Infinite Campus Parent Portal can be accessed by parents of enrolled students. Creating a single account  allows you to see all your children regardless of which RCPS school they attend, and you will be able to use this single account until your children graduate.  To create
an account, you will need your child’s student number and date of birth.
1. Go to the following address:

2.  Make sure you book mark this page.

3.  Click the blue words “CLICK HERE” to start the registration process.
  img 100

4.  Type in the “Student Number” and “Student Birthdate” information.
img 2

5.  Click on the “Submit” button.
img 3

6. A five part code will now appear.  Make sure you write this code down.
img 4

7.  Click on the words “Activate Your Parent Portal Account Now”.
img 4

img 5

8.  Enter your five part code in the boxes.
img 6

9.  Click on the “Submit” button.
img 3

10.  Create a username and password for your account. img 8
11.  Click on the “Create Account” button.
img 9

12. Click on the blue words “Click here”.
img 10

13.  Enter your new “Username” and “Password”.
img 11

14. Click “Sign In”.
img 12