Technology Department

The Technology Department must stay one step ahead of the status quo in order to provide continuous, peak efficiency of the system network and assist the various school campuses with hardware and software efficiency.

The department works with system administrators to ensure that technology activities support the district's mission and objectives in providing technology for employees and students.

At RCPS, our instructional technology staff promotes an active learning environment where students use computers to link to real world topics. The technology resources at each school introduce online content in the traditional classroom. All classrooms are equipped with tools for an interactive classroom including a mounted projection system, interactive slates, individual response systems, document camera, and internet connected computers. A three year program began in 2013-14 school year, Learning Reimagined, where each student in grades 3 though 12 receive a personal computer to use and at grades K through 2 sets of 10 iPads are provided for each classroom.

Technology problems and questions are handled with a voice mail or email. Using either method, be as specific as possible with the problem you are having or the question you need answered. Our goal is to give you a same-day response.

Help Desk Voice ~ (770) 860-4259
Help Desk Email

Department Contacts

Contact Job Title Business Phone
Grover Dailey Chief Technology Officer (770) 860-4214
Derek Fort Director of Technology (770) 918-6179
Brad Rudisail Network Manager (770) 860-4283
David Neville Lead Registrar (770) 918-6184
Cheryl Baisden Data Integration Manager (770) 860-4217
Rita Frix SIS and State Reporting Manager (770) 860-4278
Michael Chesser System Support Specialist (770) 860-4294
Dexter Broadnax System Support Specialist (770) 860-4290
Chris Allen System Support Specialist  
Soibhan Wolcott Network Specialist (770) 860-4288
Michael Rotjan Instructional Data Coordinator (770) 860-4282
Denise Davis Helpdesk Support Specialist (770) 860-4259
Suzanne Stripling District Data Entry Clerk (770) 860-4213