Sign Up for Non-Emergency School Phone Calls and Text Notifications
Cartoon image woman holding a cell phone
Due to recent changes in federal rules that cover school communications, we need to get your permission to continue calling you with our SchoolMessenger phone notification system for non-emergency but important school situations. 

CLICK HERE to "Sign up" for a SchoolMessenger account using the email you submitted to the school system. 

When you set up your SchoolMessenger Info Center account, you will be sent an activation email with a link or a code. You must use this activation link/code within 24 hours or it will expire. 

(If it expires, click here, then enter your email as the user name and select "Forgot Password." A new link/code will be emailed to you and you will need to set up a new password. After setting up a new password, you will need to login again with your new password.)
If you see a message saying "No Associations Found," contact your school to check that they have your correct information in Infinite Campus.

If your school has confirmed your information is correct in Infinite Campus and you still see a message saying "No Associations Found," email with your name, phone number, the email address you have listed in Infinite Campus, child's name, and school.

If you see a pop-up window asking "Do we have permission to call you?", that means you have successfully signed in. You can give permission in the pop-up window and you can also choose how you want to be contacted. 

You will not be able to change phone numbers or emails, only your preference for receiving messages. You will also be able to listen to and read any messages from the school. Please continue to give your school any new phone numbers or email addresses that need to be updated.  

For more information, contact