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E-SPLOST Facts and Information

What is E-SPLOST?

E-SPLOST stands for Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.  It is a one penny sales tax that allows for shared contribution to education, including visitors to the county who spend money on gas, food, hotels, and retail items.

What can E-SPLOST be used for?

   •   Capital expenditures
   •   Debt retirement (RCPS is a debt-free school system)


E-SPLOST VI will continue a 25-year collection of pennies for public education in Rockdale County

Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Information & Process

E-SPLOST V = $85 million
Collection period beginning April 2019 and ended September 2023.

E-SPLOST VI = $135 million
Collection period beginning July 2024 and ending July 2029.

US penny

E-SPLOST Resources

E-SPLOST VI Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF)

If you need any assistance accessing information, please contact [email protected]

What has your penny accomplished for the students of Rockdale County?

   •   Barksdale Elementary additional land and stage
   •   Roofing at BES, FSE, and HHS
   •   RCHS Auditorium, Additions, and Renovations
   •   HHS and SHS Auditorium Additions
   •   Peek’s Chapel Elementary
   •   Evans Stadium at HHS
   •   Debt retirement
   •   Bus facility maintenance and underground fuel storage

   •   Rockdale Career Academy and additions
   •   General Ray Davis Middle School
   •   C.J. Hicks Elementary School
   •   Athletic facility improvements at RCHS, HHS, and SHS
   •   Fine Arts Addition at HHS
   •   Alpha Academy and County Office Renovations
   •   Technology Infrastructure
   •   Debt Retirement
   •   Buses
   •   Painting, paving, and energy efficient retrofits throughout the district


   •   SHS Addition
   •   RCHS Annex Renovation for Magnet Program
   •   PSE Renovations
   •   CMS Expansion and Renovations
   •   EMS Expansion and Renovations
   •   MMS Renovations
   •   RCHS Gym Addition and Renovations
   •   Land Acquisition for future school
   •   Technology and Security Upgrades
   •   Buses
   •   Painting, Warehouse and Transportation Facility Renovations

   •   Pine Street Elementary
   •   Track / Turf Fields - RCHS, HHS, and SHS
   •   Technology  - One to One Devices
   •   Security Vestibules
   •   Security Access Control at all schools
   •   GPS Tracking for Buses
   •   Band Uniforms - for RCHS, HHS, and SHS
   •   Land Acquisition for JHH
   •   Specialty Program Equipment and Facility Upgrades
   •   Painting and Fleet Upgrades
   •   New JHH
   •   Renovate County Office and Old PSE

   •   New JHH
   •   Renovate County Office and Old PSE
   •   Security Vestibules
   •   Baseball Field LED Lighting
   •   Tennis Court Upgrades
   •   New Playground Structures and Upgrades
   •   Audio Enhancement/EPIC Systems Installation
   •   Old County Office Renovation for GMC Partnership
   •   HVAC Upgrades
   •   LED Lighting Upgrades
   •   HS Theaters Repair and Upgrades
   •   Ceiling Replacements
   •   Roof Replacements
   •   Carpet and Flooring Replacement
   •   Painting and Fleet Upgrades