Innovative Programs

Academic rigor is based on expectations established for students and staff that ensure that students demonstrate a thorough in-depth mastery of challenging and complex curricular concepts. In every subject, at every grade level, instruction and learning must include commitments to a knowledge core and the application of that knowledge core to solve complex real-world problems.

Rockdale County Public Schools believes that the mastery of challenging and meaningful content must be our goal for all students. Whether they are performing at, below, or above the levels of their age peers, all students deserve an education that challenges them just above their current levels of development.

  •   Gifted Program, grades K-12
  •   Modern Languages
  •   Advanced Placement Program
  •   AVID Program
  •   Specialty and choice programs
  •   STEM programs
  •   Striving Reader Comprehensive Literacy Grant
  •   IMPACT Math Grant

  • Photo of Joanna Anglin, Director of Innovative Programs and Academic Rigor

    Joanna Anglin

    Phone: 770-860-4237 . 

    Photo of Holly Franklin, BookkeeperHolly Franklin

    Phone: 770-761-1446

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