RCPS Budget Priority to Recruit, Retain, Recognize Top Quality Personnel
Posted on 01/26/2017
(Click here for link to Video Connection from Superintendent Richard Autry)
Conyers, Ga. – Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) Superintendent Richard Autry has one budget priority this year – to recruit, retain, and recognize top quality personnel dedicated to serving the children and families of Rockdale County.

At the Thursday Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Autry unveiled a bold and aggressive new plan designed to assemble and maintain the best team of staff and professionals possible for RCPS.   

"My number one and only budget priority for the upcoming year," said Superintendent Autry, "is the implementation of the new 'RCPS Strategic Compensation Model.'"

The proposed three-part plan includes a 6 percent pay increase for all employees and restoration of the employer contribution to Alternative Retirement to 4 percent.

The third part of the plan, a market-competitive incentive model, supports the recruitment of new teachers, retention of great teachers and employees, and recognition of employees throughout the district. 

This includes a $1,500 bonus for hard-to-fill positions, $500 "Quality" bonuses for school-level Teachers of the Year and RCPS Honor Teachers, and $1,000 "Quality" bonuses for district-level Teachers of the Year, STAR Teachers, or Certified Master Teachers.

Classroom teachers would receive $100 gift cards for school supplies. Long-serving employees would receive "Loyalty" bonuses ranging from $500 to $3,000 at the five year, 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 25 year and 30 year milestones.

This would also continue the existing Team Incentive Model rewards for school-wide academic achievement. The employee Perfect Attendance Incentive would be expanded to $200 twice a year. 

"As I have said many times, it is the people who make an organization great. These priorities demonstrate our tangible commitment to the people who continue to make RCPS a great place to teach, learn, and work."

"Please understand that it is my desire to implement each one of these innovative ideas," continued Superintendent Autry. "However, it may not be possible to do all at one time. It may require a couple of years with a phase-in approach as we continue to grow out of tough economic times. In our current competitive market for outstanding people, we must move forward with these and other creative marketplace strategies."

RCPS Strategic Compensation Model:

6 Percent Pay Increase for All Employees
- 3 percent Cost of Living Adjustment to the pay scale for all employees.
- 3 percent Salary Step increase for all employees.

Restore Remaining 3% of Employer 4% Contribution to Alternative Retirement.

Market Competitive Incentive Model to Support Recruitment, Retention and Recognition of Quality Personnel.
a. Continue Team Incentive Model for School-wide Achievement.
b. Offer $1,500 signing supplement for hard-to-fill positions (such as Special Education, Secondary Math, Science, Foreign Language) .
c. Provide $100 School Supply Gift Card for all classroom teachers.
d. Provide $500 "Quality" bonus to all school selected Teachers of the Year or RCPS Honor Teachers.
e. Provide $1000 "Quality" bonus for all District Teachers of the Year, STAR Teachers, or Certified Master Teachers.
f. Provide "Loyalty" awards at milestone years of continuous service in RCPS (5 years = $500, 10 years = $1,000, 15 year = $1,500, 20 years = $2,000, 25 years = $2,500, 30 years = $3,000) .
g. Expand Perfect Attendance Incentive to $200 twice a year.