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2023 East Atlanta Technology Competition

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Rockdale Career Academy

Saturday, January 28th

Contact [email protected] for any questions.

Click here for the 2023 competition results.

Photos from the 2023 RCPS Technology Showcase

Congratulations to our lucky winners of the Technology Showcase Gallery Walk!  Students who visit each school's both are eligible for a drawing for one of two $25 gift cards to Target.  Our 2023 winners are Yanitza Pena (Smith Barnes Elementary School), and Kaden Paulk (Rockdale County High School).

 Yanitza Pena, Smith Barnes Elementary  Kaden Paulk - Rockdale County High School


If you have a great project idea, it is not too early to begin working on your technology fair project.  See your school’s Digital Learning Specialist for more details.  Please stay tuned for this page on information regarding the competition and how to register.  The following information may be helpful as you start planning for the competition.  Students can only enter one category

 Open to students from schools in Butts, Clayton, Griffin-Spalding, Henry, Newton, and Rockdale counties.

  Students may compete either individually or as a team of two.

•  At least 1 member of a team is required to present.             

 All first place winners from regional technology fairs in grades 3-12 may participate in the State Technology Competition. The winners from across the state come together to compete each year in the categories listed in this website. Regional competition is required to enter state competition. Possible Scholarship awards to Seniors with outstanding entries. Prizes and awards will be given out at the state fair to all grade levels and categories.

•  Grade level divisions are as follows:

Grades 3-4,
Grades 5-6,
Grades 7-8,
Grades 9-10,
Grades 11-12.

Grades 7-12 ONLY in Tech Programming Challenge category.

 Contact Tiffany McLymore at [email protected]


The East Atlanta Technology Fair uses the same Categories and Rubrics as the Georgia Student Technology Competition.


3D Modeling
Audio Production
Device Modification
Digital Game Design
Digital Photo Production
Graphic Design
Internet Applications
Mobile Apps
Multimedia Applications
Productivity Design
Programming Challenge (see below for more info)
Project Programming
Video Production

More Information

Georgia Student Technology Competition

Programming Challenge

This category is a single-day event in which a team of up to three students is given a series of problems that they attempt to solve during the two-hour competition time. Each team will be awarded points for each problem solved correctly.

Any questions regarding the interpretation of the problems must be asked in the chat window to the judges who may choose to answer or reject the question. All participants will see the questions asked and the provided answers.

Competitors will receive instructions and a sample practice problem approximately 1 week prior to the event. The competition will begin with a briefing session. The contest problems will be distributed to all teams at the same time. Throughout the competition, students will submit their code for judging. The judges will use the online platform to check the solutions to the problems. Results will be posted with the other category winners on the website.

Scoring Criteria

Students will receive the full problem set at the beginning of the time block. Problems do not need to be solved in any particular order. Judges have multiple test cases for each problem in addition to the sample test cases provided with the problem. Students will submit a solution for each problem in the set. Students will receive a point for each test case with the correct output. Total points will be used to determine the winner. The timestamp of the last submitted solution will be used in the case of a tie.

Restrictions and Requirements

The use of online programming library documentation is allowable during the competition. The use of discussion forums is not allowed. During the competition, the contestants must have their webcam turned on and remain visible at all times. No one else is permitted to be with the student during the competition.

Contestants are only permitted to communicate with their teammates and the judges during the competition. All other communication is prohibited. Contestants will be monitored on a random basis. Each contestant must be able to enter their programming code, execute the solutions to the problems and save them as directed by the judges.

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