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School Cafeteria Payment Options

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Prepayment System Available for School Meals

MySchoolBucks is a prepayment system that allows you to make deposits into your children's school meal accounts via the Internet. Some of the key features include:

  • - Management accounts for multiple students at different schools at the same time
  • - View balances online
  • - View your payment history
  • - Receive alerts that notify you when your balance reaches a certain level chosen by you.
  • - Make payments with a credit card, bank debit card (with a Visa or MasterCard logo), or bank accounts registered in PayPal accounts.
  • - Receive deposit confirmations in your personal email account.

There is no charge to register or to enjoy the benefits of the service. There is a nominal convenience fee involved in making a payment to help cover the costs of developing and maintaining the website by our software company. The fee is displayed on your screen before you give your final approval for the payment to be completed. If you choose, you may cancel at that time and no fee will be charged.

Money deposited into MySchoolBucks will usually arrive at the school by the next morning. Occasionally, you will see a delay of up to 48 hours. Please set your low balance email reminder high enough so funds do not fully deplete. We suggest no lower than ten dollars ($10).

You will need your child's Food Service account number to register. The Food Service Manager at your child's school can provide this number. If you have problems or payment processing questions, please click the Contact Us link at or contact the Rockdale School Nutrition office at 770-860-4293. ‚Äč

Charging Policy

Students will be allowed to charge their meals. Procedures for handling charges will be determined by each school principal. Students and their parents are held accountable for money owed to the school cafeteria. When charges accumulate, this privilege will be suspended until payment has been made by the responsible persons; however, an alternative, less-expensive meal will be provided. Further, grade reports will be withheld, participation in graduation exercises will not be allowed, and other privileges may be denied until students charges are satisfied.