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Message from the Superintendent: Teacher Appreciation Week 2020
Superintendent Dr. Terry OattsMay 4, 2020

On behalf of the Rockdale County Board of Education and as Superintendent of Rockdale County Public Schools I wish to take this opportunity to thank our amazing teachers for all you do for students.

If you'll recall at our last Convocation I reflected that the teachers teach students, not content. What I meant by that was to communicate that when students pause and reflect on the teachers that have had the greatest impact on their lives, they first and foremost remember those teachers who built strong relationships with them within the classroom and they also remember those teachers who built a strong sense of community collectively within their classrooms. That's what you do that's what you do for our students. Your commitment, your dedication, your patience, your professionalism, your perseverance all contribute to a very successful learning experience for our 16,500 students in Rockdale County Public Schools.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't take a moment to reflect on this unprecedented public health crisis and how I believe that in an ironic way it has aided the community at large in having a much greater appreciation for your commitment, dedication, your patience, your sacrifice in ensuring that our students get the world-class education.

As we pause and reflect on all you do for our students during Teacher Appreciation Week I wanted you to know personally that I am most grateful for what you do for our students and in the days and weeks and months ahead I have the highest confidence that you will remain committed to doing all you can do to ensure world-class results for our students. Thank you.