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Online Registration

Parents/guardians of students in Rockdale County can register online. Fill out the online application and upload photos or scanned copies of the required documents to our Online Student Registration system. (Use Firefox browser

Families will be emailed once the uploaded documents have been approved. Please note: During the COVID-19 coronavirus closure, please do not come to the Student Registration office. Registration will be online only. Documents uploaded into the online registration form will be reviewed by Student Registration Office personnel.

Students already attending a school in Rockdale County Public Schools and advancing from elementary to middle [5th to 6th grade] or middle to high school [8th to 9th grade] do not need to re-register.

Please note:  We know health forms are difficult to obtain at this time; these can be submitted at a later date. Please make sure to submit the other documents, including birth certificate and proof of residence. (Tenga en cuenta: Entendemos que los formularios de salud pueden ser difíciles de obtener en este momento; estos se pueden enviar en una fecha posterior. Asegúrese de enviar los demás documentos, incluidos el certificado de nacimiento y el comprobante de residencia.)

If you have any difficulty with the online registration process, please contact us at [email protected].

PDF iconRequired Documents to Register.
PDF icon(Español) Documentos Requeridos para Registro.

PDF icon  Online Registration instructions 
PDF icon  (Español) Instrucciones de registro en línea 


1. To get started, fill out the form at  or (use Firefox browser).

2. You will receive an email in a few moments. That email will contain a link that will lead you to the official registration page. You can use this link to return to your registration account anytime. If you do not see the email with the link, check your spam folder/junk mail folder. 

3. Fill out the official registration page and upload the required documents.

     •  Make sure document filenames use only letters or numbers or dashes. 
     •  Dates should be entered as MM/DD/YYYY (Example: 12/01/2017) and phone numbers as xxx-xxx-xxxx (Example:770-555-1234).
     •  The GA DOE requires that student names be entered exactly as they are spelled on the birth certificate.
     •  If you upload your documents, you still need to bring the original documents with you if you come to Student Registration.
     •  Please keep in mind, by placing checkmarks in "Agreement" boxes or by entering your name into a "signature" textbox you are creating a legal, binding signature.

4. When you are finished, the final screen will have a link to a printable PDF with a summary of the information you have submitted. Print that PDF for your records.  Once the uploaded documents are approved, Student Registration Specialists will email you with instructions on where to go next for the next step of enrolling your child in school.  

For any questions, contact us at 770-918-6185.