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Message from the Superintendent: RCPS to continue masking at this time
Photo of Superintendent Dr. Terry OattsFebruary 25, 2022

“As you may know, today the CDC released its updated guidance on masks in which it essentially removed its prior recommendation for universal masking in schools. To its credit, the CDC did emphasize the importance of carefully reviewing a wide range of data. As I have consistently indicated throughout this pandemic, I continue to carefully monitor our local public health data to inform my decision-making regarding our district’s mitigation measures. As a school district, we have led the way in prioritizing the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and their families by offering COVID-19 testing and vaccine access through our telehealth partnership with Kids-Docs-On-Wheels.

"We continue to consult and collaborate with our local and regional public health officials. I have been very pleased with the downward trajectory in infections both within our school district and within the county at large; however, I believe it would be a bit premature to remove our mask requirements based upon our current public health data. While we have administered thousands of COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, we still have some more work to do with respect to increasing our vaccination rates among our school-aged children. I will convene another conference with our local and regional public health partners, and we will continue to carefully monitor our public health data over the coming days and weeks to determine if a mask optional protocol is warranted.  At this time, we will also continue with our contact tracing and quarantine protocols to minimize transmission of the virus within the school setting.”

Please visit and click on the "COVID" tab at the top for more information about the RCPS COVID mitigation measures, testing, vaccinations, and quarantine protocols as part of contact tracing.