Move On When Ready

Upcoming Events

•  Move On When Ready parent meeting on GPTC college credits- Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 6-7:30 p.m. at Rockdale Career Academy, 1064 Culpepper Dr., Conyers; information on GTPC credits for Move On When Ready; 8th-11th grade students and their families encouraged to attend; For more information, contact Ebony Guidry at 404-297-9522.

Move On When Ready parent meeting - Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 6-8 p.m. at Rockdale Career Academy, 1064 Culpepper Dr., Conyers, with representatives from several colleges including Point University, Gordon College, Young Harris, and GPTC; 8th-11th grade students and their families encouraged to attend; For more information, please contact Myra Williams at  

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MOWR Presentation (PowerPoint) 
MOWR Presentation (Accessible PDF)

MOWR Letter


MOWR Student Parent FAQs

About Move On When Ready

I.  ALL Dual Enrollment is now called: Move On When Ready                        

       II.            ALL HIGH SCHOOLS MUST SUBMIT ANNUALLY  a Program Participation Agreement

          A.      2015-2016  Prepared by D Neville and sent to Principals

          B.      HHS, SHS, RSHS, RCA, MAGNET


          A.      Students who applied last spring 2015 through ACCEL HAVE been processed already

          B.      ALL others need to complete the MOWR ONLINE application ASAP

             1)      Section 1 = Students/Parents

             2)      Section 2 = High School

             3)      Section 3 = College/University

          C.      Students must complete WELL BEFORE the Drop Dead Dates:

             1)      Fall Semester = October 1

             2)      Spring Semester = March 1

             3)      Summer Semester = May 15

    IV.            MOWR STUDENTS

           A.      May be part-time

           B.      May be fulltime (Minimum 12 hours, maximum paid 15 hours)

          C.      May attend Fall, Spring AND/OR SUMMER semesters

          D.      Seniors may NOT participate in MOWR the summer AFTER senior year.

          E.       MUST choose courses from MOWR course list

      V.            MOWR TUITION AND FEES

         A.      ALL tuition at Public Postsecondary paid in full up to 15 hours

         B.      Private colleges = Contact the college MOWR Coordinator!

         C.      ALL REQUIRED books are paid for!

             1)      Most colleges will “loan” books to students

             2)      If student loses or damages book THEN the student IS responsible for the equivalent book allowance or &75, whichever is LESS

             3)      If an online course usually charges shipping, etc., cannot charge MOWR

         D.      “SUGGESTED” books are NOT paid for

         E.       Course Related Fees

             1)      Student MUST pay and SHOULD be forewarned

             2)      Includes lab fees, art supplies, background check, etc.

         F.       NON-Course Related Fees

             1)      NEVER paid by student

             2)      College accepts a flat fee from State of Georgia

         G.      OPTIONAL FEES

             1)      ALWAYS paid by student

             2)      Based on actions or lack of actions by student

             3)      Parking fines, library fines, etc.

    VI.            WITHDRAWING from MOWR

         A.      Contact high school counselor FIRST!!!

         B.      Parent/student and high school counselor communicate!

         C.      College MOWR representative is notified

         D.      THEN the student withdraws

         E.       As per previous rules

             1)      Full-time student MUST remain full-time in MOWR

             2)      Otherwise HAS to return to high school to be full-time

             3)      Individual Graduation Plan may need updating


         A.      Proof of advisement

         B.      MUST complete and KEEP!

         C.      Parent/student get copy

         D.      EVERY SEMESTER of MOWR!!!


         A.      Must meet all other regular requirements

         B.      No social security number?

             1)      Must submit paper application the first time

             2)      MOWR will generate a MOWR ID#

             3)      All future applications will then be online

         C.      May NOT attend:

             1)      University of Georgia

             2)      Georgia College and State University

             3)      Georgia Institute of Technology

             4)      Georgia Regents University

             5)      Georgia State University


         A.      Minimum SAT 970 or ACT 20

         B.      Exempt all Learning Support Requirements

         C.      Transcript evidence of “on track” for graduation

             1)      Why many are not going to admit 9th graders

             2)      As well as lack of maturity level expected

         D.      Completed Student Participation Agreement

         E.       High School has submitted Program Participation Agreement

         F.       College has signed Participation Agreement

         G.      Immunization!


         A.      Eligible 9-12 graders

         B.      No rising 9th grader may start MOWR until Fall term of 9th grade

             1)      No early summer

             2)      Would need to take all admission tests that summer

         C.      Minimum Compass or Asset scores

         D.      Written consent of parents if a minor

         E.       Completed Student Participation Agreement

         F.       High School has submitted Program Participation Agreement

         G.      College has signed Participation Agreement

         H.      SOME PROGRAMS may have minimum age requirement!

             1)      Should have been noted in Individual Plan

             2)      NO SURPRISES!


          A.      14 4-year institutions

          B.      1 2-year college

         C.      Some are faith-based

         D.      All require admissions application

         E.       All require Student Graduation Plan

         F.       May have age or grade requirements

         G.      They are independent – can do whatever they want BUT must follow MOWR rules if they are participating!

         H.      Contact the MOWR Coordinator at the specific school!

   XII.            ADVISING MOWR

         A.      Colleges ask - Look for potential warning signs from MOWR applicants

             1)      Disorganized

             2)      Perfectionist

             3)      Easily overwhelmed

             4)      Unassertive

             5)      Unwilling to ask for help

             6)      Procrastinator

             7)      Parents please beware:

                    a.       Most college instructors won’t talk to parents

                    b.       Even if a minor

         B.      Help students and parents understand

             1)      Academic RIGOR!

             2)      Academic integrity

             3)      Attendance requirements

             4)      Maturity level

             5)      Choosing classes with a major in mind

             6)      Personal initiative in college classes versus high school classes

             7)      Cell phone use

             8)      Importance of SYLLABUS!!!!!

 XIII.            EOC’s

         A.      Must still take all associated EOC’s

         B.      Take at home high school just as before


         A.      Required at all colleges for all students including MOWR

         B.      Online

  XV.            HOPE/ ZELL MILLER

         A.      MOWR funds are state legislature approved expenditures yearly

         B.      Have NOTHING to do with HOPE Scholarship or Zell Miller Scholarship

         C.      Therefore DO NOT count against those total amounts allowed

         D.      CORE MOWR courses ARE included in Academic Rigor

         E.       Therefore will have the .5 additional weight for HOPE calculations after high school graduation


         A.      Must complete the following courses from the GaDOE High School Required Course list:

             1)      2 units English, 2 units math, 2 units science, 2 units social studies, 1/2 unit personal fitness AND 1/2 unit health

             2)      2 units English = 9th Grade Literature/Composition and American Literature or college equivalents

                  2 units math = Coordinate Algebra (or Accelerated) and Analytic Geometry (or Accelerated)or college equivalents

                 2 units science = Biology and Physical Science or college equivalents

                 2 units social studies = United States History and Economics or college equivalents

             3)      All 8 associated EOC’s

         B.      Earn an Associate’s Degree in MOWR

             1)      High School awards you a High School Diploma

             2)      MUST complete in regular 4 years

         C.      Earn a Technical College Diploma

             1)      High School awards you a High School Diploma

             2)      MUST complete in regular 4 years

         D.      Earn 2 TCC’s (Technical College Certificates) in the SAME Specific Career Pathway

             1)      Plus all postsecondary academic education

             2)      Must lead to Georgia licensure

             3)      Approved list not yet but published but will probably begin with Welding and Computer Programming

             4)      Credentials NOT awarded until High School Diploma is awarded

             5)      BUT diploma is based on earning the TCC’s